About Us

WTF is Flood the Gov?

We’re a group of liberally minded, politically engaged friends who wanted to create a site that makes it easy to contact elected officials about issues they can actually impact. While we understand the sentiment behind petitions like Arrest and prosecute Donald J. Trump for incitement to violence. Legal precedent: Brandenburg v. Ohio, we worry that legit calls-to-action get lost in the noise of this increasingly crowded space.

How do you decide what issues to tackle?

There are a ton of issues we personally care about, but for this site we choose to specifically focus on issues that members of congress actually can affect. Signing a petition and sharing it on Facebook gives us just as many warm and fuzzies as the next person, but for the most part doesn’t do shit to keep the gov in check. Just think of us as your personal legislative spam filter.

I think the gov is bullshit, so you’re bullshit!

That’s legit. Protesting, donating, volunteering, and boycotting are sometimes more effective outlets for driving change with certain issues. Flooding elected officials with messages about issues you care about isn’t novel, sexy, or fast, but then again, neither is the gov. This is just one piece of the puzzle.

About Us

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